YouTube Keyword Research

YouTube Keyword Research is easier than ever now!

YouTube Keyword Research is the new tool available for content creators. YouTube has recently started showing more data for content creators and this will help them make better decisions. All of this by releasing a new feature that aims to facilitate the keyword research. This will help content creators to make content suited for what people is actually looking for.


YouTube Keyword Research: Search Insights

Search Insight is an experimental feature that now is being tested in the YouTube Studio and available for creators. The main use for this, will be to offer data to the different content creators. YouTube hopes this will help them create better content and better suited to what audiences are begging for.

You can use Search Insights to know what is the audience looking for, both your audience and the general audience. You will be able to look for different search volumes to select the best keywords for your content. Also, it will help you determine if there is a specific search term that has not being developed and maybe it could be good for you and your audience.

Using Keyword Research, can assist people in content creation because it can show what people wants to see. Content creators will help you make more focused content.


How does Keyword YouTube Research works?

This is a feature on Creator Studio that will allow users to see what has been searched in the last 28 days. They work in an aggregated form. One of the main advantages of this is the possibility to have two types of analytics. You can see what your audience is looking and what YouTube audience is looking. You can check different keywords, on different topics and this will be perfect to find content gaps and new topics and niches that might be a good to explore.


Using YouTube Keyword Research  

You can access this in the YouTube Studio, by clicking the analytics tab. There you will be able to see a tab called Research where you can access Your Viewers´ Searches. There you can see what your audience is looking and also what the audience of other channel similar to yours are searching for.

Information is displayed in a very organized way, with ranges of relevancy. You can also see the volume of searches for that keyword. Everything in a 28-day period.

You can see also what the YouTube audience is looking when you check the “Search across YouTube”. There you can look for a specific keyword or topic and look for all data you might need. Everything up to the last 28 days.


Why should you care?

With all this new data available, you can get results from real queries, that can give you a strong starting point for potential ideals for next video. YouTube Keyword Research is slowly rolling out, so not all creators will have access to this.  It is expected that YouTube will make a proper announcement when this is released to all users.

If used properly, the quality of the content should be improved and the audience will be the most benefited because content creators will be able to create just what they want to see.

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