What is a press release

What is a press release? How does a press release work? Are press releases still relevant?

While reading the newspaper or listening to the news on TV, you might have heard the word press release. You must be thinking what is PR or is it still relevant in this modern era of mobile phones and computers?

Press release definition:

A PR is an official statement transported to members of the news media to deliver information, a certified statement, or make a declaration. A PR is a conventional collection of nine structural elements, counting a headline, introduction, body, and other information.

What is a press release?

A PR is a brief, convincing news story written by a public relations expert and sent to embattled members of the media. The reason for a PR is to temper the attention of a journalist or publication. The PR should cover all the vital information and answer the inquires as;

what? where? who? when? how? and why?

Meaning what happened? Where did it happen, location?

Who did it? Or to whom it is related?

How did it happen and what was the reason?

All these factors make a compelling press release.

Example of the press release:

Examples of press release comprise:

  1. An office opens a resident branch, opening new jobs

2. A non-profit organization promoter a nationwide facility project

3. An author issues a new book on a controversial topic

4. University researchers publicize study results

5. A theatre group presents its new play

6. An automotive company announces a new model with advanced features

How do press releases work?

Every day isn’t a great news day, so journalists sometimes create news to fill airtime with fresh stories. That is where press releases are produced.

Briefly written and besieged, press releases can engage attention to newsworthy events. Mostly used by public relations specialists, press releases are printed to improve free publicity and cover sufficient information obligatory to write a convincing news story. The finest way to guarantee that a press release is truly read by a media contact is to exploit it in a present relationship. If the reporter knows that you’ve consumed the time to study and research his interest, or has established newsworthy stories from you earlier, he will likely pay much more consideration in the future.

Are press releases still relevant?

Although technology has taken over the world and everything is digital now. Press release holds its position. Press releases are vital for any news media channel. Online newspapers and websites require Press releases.

The simple answer is yes, press releases still work. Press releases used to be the straightforward and expensive way to let the media know what you were up to. for instance, what invention, service, source, or event you were utilizing to make an influence around the globe. The high-priced cost combined with the partial wire services and news passages meant less noise overall for the media. In other words, it used to be much easy for you to get your message out there and to get attention and get selected by the media.

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