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services for all types of companies and agencies.

Companies and brands

Linkingpress services for companies and brands allow them to have a prominent and relevant presence in online media and quality blogs.

SEO agencies and professionals

Linkingpress services for SEO agencies and professionals include getting quality backlinks to improve their clients’ websites in Google and other search engines rankings.

PR agencies

Linkingpress services for companies and brands allow them to have a prominent and relevant presence in online media and quality blogs.

Ecommerce and SMEs

Linkingpress services for ecommerce and SMEs allow them to get a prominent and relevant presence in online media and blogs of their niche, so that their audience get to know their products and services.

Whatever your need,

Trust that Linkingpress will help you achieverelevant results for your company or for your clients.

Remember that we offer SEO and Branding services with more than 12 years of experience. Hundreds of clients from different parts of the world have trusted us to achieve their goals, whether it is to improve their positioning to appear in the first search results, so that more clients know them and thus be able to sell more and improve their reputation.

Linkingpress services

Check what we can do for your brand or for your agency:

Direct purchasing of articles promoted with DO-FOLLOW backlinks in online media and blogs.

Get backlinks is one of the activities that requires lots of time and money from SEOs. With Linkingpress, you reduce the time searching for sites where you can get links. With us, you will be certain that your content will be published with specific anchors and you will know beforehand the cost of each backlink.

SEO improvement of a website

Leveraging these links, you will obtain authority and qualified traffic that will help to improve the position in the rankings of the keywords that are chosen through the anchors.

Quality visits to the promoted article

From Linkingpress we offer quality visits with IPs from the countries of the link. For a link in Spain, visits from real Spanish users will be obtained, who have been genuinely interested in the content. It is not about visits to deceipt Google, but from people who have a genuine interest in the article that contains the link.

Premium writing

Longer content has a good chance of getting a positive evaluation from search engines, which is why we offer to extend the texts in different numbers of words.

English-Spanish translation

If you already have a text, but it is in English, you don’t have to worry, as we will take care of its translation ***

SEO Links packs

At Linkingpress we offer SEO links packs in directories, profiles on websites of different themes and a FOLLOW / NO-FOLLOW combination to make it more natural for real competitive prices.

Private Blog Network (PBN) generated expressly for the client

Organically develop domain authority (DA) for your website with a custom development for your niche with a specific location thanks to this PBN service. Each blog publishes at least 2 articles per day of 800-1400 words in 20, 25 or 30 subdomains, which comes to 900, 1500 and 1800 posts per month. You can even change the content once it’s published! Blogs have SSL encrypted with sitemap, with their own IP address and with a loading speed of less than 1 second.

Press release distribution with guaranteed publications in Spain, Europe, the United States and Latin America

Linkingpress offers a press release distribution service with guaranteed publications so that thousands of people find out about your news or that of your client. In addition, this service can be contracted for several European countries, the United States of America, Mexico and Brazil.

Other marketing services

The Online media and blogs you can hruire at LinkingPress add up to tens of millions of users and page views every month, so your brand, product or service will potentially be known or recognized by a huge audience.

Advantages of Linkingpress services

The advantages of using Linkingpress services are:


It can be contracted from a project for a link to an extensive backlink or PBN campaign for several months.

For all budgets

Our services start at prices as low as € 5 ** so that anyone can start improving their SEO little by little.

Updated sites

We want SEO professionals not to waste time and that is why we update our database so that you can hire with confidence and know that you will have your backlink on the site you have hired.

Money-back guarantee if we are not able to deliver a guest post project

we fail to deliver a guest posts project **. We don’t keep the money in your account so you can use it for another link if you don’t want to.

How to take full advantage of Linkingpress’ services

We explain how to do it in this video:

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