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If you have one or more blogs/Newspapers and you want to get more out of your traffic , we can help you. We have more than 6000 blogs and newspapers on different topics and we continue to accept new ones continuously. Forget about managing clients, writing texts and wasting time because we take care of all this process and we will deliver the text ready to publish.

How does LinkingPress Works?

LinkingPress is a marketplace that unites companies interested in appearing in online newspapers and blogs and media interested in getting customers .

As a blogger, you will not have to do anything because after agreeing on a price and conditions, we will send you the texts to be published by mail and you will only have to publish them and send us the url . These texts will have up to 4 links (dofollow) and will be a writing prepared by our professional writers who will adapt to the indications that you give us (allowed topics, minimum number of words, writing style, etc.)

What we offer?

Quality texts guaranteed.

You set the price and condition

Payments as agreed

Optimized according to your indications

We manage clients

With LinkingPress Gurantee