Scrolling Mobile Search Results in Google is now live

Scrolling Mobile Search Results in Google is now live.

Scrolling Mobile search results for all Google searches is live now. Google has released many different products over the years, but their search engine continues to be the jewel of the crown. The search engine is simple and easy to use. While the technology behind it has improved a lot over the years the interface has not changed a lot. In more than 2 decades, it has kept its model of 10 results per page.

When it comes to the mobile experience, swiping is the action that comes naturally nowadays. It made no sense to have 10 results per page for the search results for the mobile experience.  


Welcome Scrolling Mobile Search Results

But this is changing now. Google is changing how mobile results are displayed on mobile. As you scroll through the results and reach the bottom, the next batch of results will load.

Niru Anand, Google´s Search Product manager commented they want to improve user experience by doing this. People that make more in depth searches can go as deep as page 4. With this new change, more results will load with having to press See More. 


Impact on organic traffic of Scrolling Mobile search results

SEO has been done to make your website appear on the first page of Google. Now, things might change… a lot. Pages 2, 3, and 4 may start to gain more consideration for organic traffic. This will make searches easier for people but, what about SEO?

This is a major change for the game of ranking and positioning. So far everything we know is related to user experience. This has been the major factor in making this change for mobile search results. 

So far, this change has been progressively rolling out in some searches in the United States. Not all search results are being displayed in this way, since the release is happening in stages. We will need to wait for the following months to see the results of this and how has impacted SEO and positioning. 


SEO and titles

While preparing for this upcoming feature you might want to start checking for different factors to guarantee that your chances of ranking are as high as possible. One of the key factors when it comes to making it easier for people and crawlers to find you are titles. Google has recently released an updated guide with best practices for titles. 


Possible changes on the algorithm

Also, many experts in the field believe that an update on the search engine algorithm was done recently. There were reports of tracking tools exhibiting high spikes during the first half of October. This could be the indicator that something related to the algorithm is going on. Many people started commenting on how their performance was being affected in those days so, the hypothesis of an algorithm update seems to be confirmed.



Google seems to be doing several updates to the way the search engine works. If you want to take advantage of it and avoid losing your SEO work you better start paying attention to what´s going on and take the necessary actions, regarding mobile search, titling, and possible new algorithm changes. 


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