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Our services for companies and brands include direct purchasing of guest posts in online media and blogs, press releases with guaranteed results, even with interviews in radio stations (only in Spain), and other marketing services.

Linkingpress services for companies and brands allow them to have a prominent and relevant presence in online media and blogs. More customers will know about their products and services when they perform a search in Google, Bing and other search engines.

In short, Linkingpress’s services for companies and brands help to sell more and better, boosting business growth.


The need to be informed is something inherent in any person. We must remember that from the information we obtain, we form an idea of ​​the world, an opinion about the products and services on the market, and we act accordingly, either by buying certain brands or by hiring certain companies.

All this is known by leaders of major companies and marketers of major brands. The great challenges they face are to be where their clients are and to keep them informed of their offer in a timely, relevant and strategic way.

They are aware that the effectiveness of traditional advertising has been weakening, even leading to rejection, which is clearly manifested in the increasing use of internet ad blockers and the massive adoption of ad-free audiovisual offers such as Netflix and Spotify.

In addition, we must not forget that there has been a massive migration of all types of audiences towards digital media since more and more people prefer to find out what is happening in the world through online newspapers and blogs that offer information about any thematic.


Likewise, it is becoming increasingly important to have a prominent presence on the internet through third-party content. It should be noted that these provide greater credibility and trust than those obtained by companies and brands through their own communication channels. The strategy is to rely on the influence of the media and blogs, not only to impact the audience but to dissuade them in an organic way about the benefits of the offer of certain companies and brands compared to those of their competition.

Finally, the presence in online media and blogs helps improve positioning in internet search engines, which are increasingly important and strategic. Companies and brands that appear in the first search results gain greater visibility and confidence just at a time when millions of people are making a decision to purchase or hire a service.

Finally, it should be noted that the audiences of companies and brands can be in different markets. Thanks to the internet providing access to a digital and interconnected world, products and services can now be offered to a huge global audience located anywhere in the world.

Linkingpress services for companies and brands

Our services for companies and brands are focused on responding to your needs in all the aspects indicated above:
  • Direct purchasing of guest posts in online media and blogs. Your company or brand will appear in quality online media and blogs in a natural and relevant way to impact thousands or even millions of potential customers.
  • SEO improvement of the website of companies and brands. In the guest post in online media and blogs, there will be backlinks to the sites of companies and brands to help them enhance their SEO so that customers will find them through internet search engines just at the moment they have a specific need
  • Drafting, distribution, and monitoring of press releases with guaranteed publications. We take care of reaching a wide number of journalists and bloggers to increase awareness of any message in a reliable and relevant way through third parties. 
  • Other marketing services. At Linkingpress we help companies and brands with marketing services such as community management, search engine and social media advertising, among others.

The advantages of using the Linkingpress services for companies and brands are:

  • From small to big projects. You can use us for a small project for one day, or for a large set of marketing activities that can be extended over time.
  • For all budgets. Our services start at prices as low as € 10 so that anyone can take advantage of all its advantages.

How to get the services for companies and brands of Linkingpress

Our SEO & Branding services for companies and brands can be purchased directly on the platform.  There are no intermediaries and we offer a guarantee that a specific result will be obtained. There will be no surprises about what you will get for each investment. What you pay is what you get.

We offer a money-back if a guest post project cannot be carried out, a unique guarantee in the market.

How to take full advantage of Linkingpress’ services

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