how can I write a press release?

How to write a press release? Are press releases written in the first person? Is it worth it?

Press releases are written every day. If you are a public relations professional or a marketer then you want to know how can you write a press release or is it written in the first person or are press releases worth in the end? This article answers all of these inquiries.

How can you write a press release

Writing a press release is easy. If your Press release is well written then you should be able to publish it. If your quality is good and the information is right, editors will consider you again. Now, you must be wondering, how to write a press release? Once you have the news and you are willing to write then you should keep these steps in mind. Headline. Opening sentence. Body (Which includes the information about the story like why it matters) and Contact information.

Here are steps to write a quality PR

  • Find the right Angle. Every news story has angels. First, discover the right angle of the story.
  • Create a catchy Headline. Your headline should be able to attract an audience.
  • Write about Your Lead.
  • Write the body. It should include details about the story (5-7 lines)
  • Include saying and Quotes
  • Give Contact Information
  • Add your Boilerplate Copy.

Do you write a PR in the first person?

Press releases are formal. There are writing requirements and you have to follow them. Press releases require a strict style of writing that is formal, but it should not be too firm. A press release should be as informative and brief as possible so that your press release will gather respect for readers.

If you read any news story in your local newspaper or read it online, you might have noticed that everything is written in the third person unless you are talking about quotes from actual people that present at the scene. There should never be any “We did this” or “I think that” written in the body of a good press release. There are requirements and you should follow them. you have to imagine that someone else is telling your story at all times. A decent tip is to pick up any newspaper and see how stories are written you will notice that everything is in third-person voice, as though the journalist or reporter is telling the readers about someone or something else`s story.

Is the press release worth it?

Press releases are not featuring. These are not informal pitches. Those are formal, official announcements regarding something new or significant about you, your business, a speaking event, or something of that nature. They should promote your business, archive important data for future use, and hopefully, improve your SEO. Press releases are definitely worth it. It helps to spread the news. It will give information to the audience about the news. If your provided press release is genuinely newsworthy then it will be published and can make a big impact.

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