Positive press release

How positive press release affects your reputation? Is disruptive PR bad?

Press releases are a common way for websites to get direct exposure to the product or service. They are an effective method to attract an audience. You might have heard the terms positive and defensive press release. What do these terms mean?
There are two types of press releases; Positive press releases and disruptive press releases.

What is a Positive press release?

The goal of writing and delivering a press release is to gather positive press. All press releases are fundamentally biased. So, all press releases, even if written in the middle of a PR crisis, are “positive” press releases, since their purpose is to put a positive spin on even the worst news. Good press releases build a fine line between excessive self-promotion and dry facts.

One way to guarantee that your press release delivers like a news story is to yield a composed approach to your topic. Don’t just talk about your precise company, event, product, or announcement, but put it all in perspective. Comprise facts about the industry in general, current buying trends, and skilled third-party reports.

Successful PR depends on relationships. A journalist is much more likely to consider a positive press release if the PR professional has invested important time to build a relationship of mutual trust. One way for the PR professional to found such a relationship is to always make himself obtainable to the journalist as an authentic source of information about the company or client. If the PR pro has aided the journalist in the past by commenting on a provocative issue or getting his client to comment, the journalist will be more likely to do the client the “favor” of running a purely positive story built on a press release.

What is a disruptive PR

Press releases aren’t only used for endorsing positive events like product statements or development plans. They also can be a Press release professional’s loudest weapon when defending a client against bad promotional during a crisis. Defensive press releases are part of a general crisis that’s put into motion by PR professionals at the first mark of trouble. A PR crisis could be many things:

  • an industrial accident
  • a product recall
  • a racist statement during a speech
  • or accusations of criminal activities

Sometimes defensive press releases are necessary simply to battle negative information in the press that has yet to become a crisis. In some cases, issuing a defensive press release may only serve to draw more consideration to a matter. It’s vital to first take a step back and inspect the real or possible harm done by the story to the client’s status or reliability. The negative article is a remote incident that will setback in few days. Even though disruptive press may be written by a PR professional, it comes across as a more private and honest response to a crisis. This type of press release may be more beneficial to send to clients and customers, rather than the press.

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