Help out Covid orphans now!

Having emerged in the midst of the pandemic, the Linkingpress team couldn’t remain oblivious to the terrible effects that COVID had caused. We are thinking especially in the children who lost their parents due to the ruthless effect of the coronavirus. They are the COVID Orphans.

This is a group that has suffered silently, but very deeply, the terrible impact of the pandemic.

Let’s emphasize that COVID-19 pandemic has already claimed more than a 2,5 million lives around the world. Among this massive toll of deaths, there were parents of babies, children or teens. Unfortunately, these young people will grow without the love of their fathers and mothers.

Some of this young people didn’t have the opportunity to properly say goodbye to their parents.

Help COVID Orphans now! ¡Ayuda ahora a los huérfanos del COVID!

COVID Orphans need our support now

These children and teens are going to face their lives without the love and the support of their parents. This situation is likely to drive some to drop out of school or have a negative effect on their grades. Due of the lack of proper tools, their overall performance will be compromised. Computers maybe out of COVID Orphans reach and this may be a serious obstacle for their education.

For this reason, Linkingpress will dedicate 5% of its benefits to acquiring computers and other electronic equipment. We will try to help COVID Orphans by providing them with some technological infrastructure to continue with their education and with their lives.

If you want to make a special contribution, you can do it directly when checking out or you can do it though the GoFundMe campaign:

GoFundMe Campaign for Covid Orphans - Donate now!

Periodically, we will share the stories of the children who have received the equipment that we have donated to them.

Contact us in case you know any COVID orphans that may need our support or if you want to know more about our efforts.

Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation!