Guest posts in online media and high quality blogs

Matt Cutts was director of Google’s web spam department and the company’s most notorious spokesperson on SEO issues. In this video he answers the question: What is Google’s view on using guest blogging to get backlinks?

This is his answer summarized (and edited) by us:

“This is a question that has several ways of being interpreted. One is that quality Guest Blogging pays off. Another is that you have to take care not to go to the extreme ”.

Cutts gives a couple of examples of well-known journalists in the United States and a person who writes really well so that the effect of the Guest Blog is positive. It can be interpreted that he endorses the use of online media and blogs to improve SEO of a page.

He indicates that the extreme is when the same content with minor differences is sent to different sites on the internet. In general, these are low-quality websites that host any type of articles.

In these cases, you can get lots of links, but Google will not take them into account. It is not about publishing 300-word content on a lot of websites. Actually, it takes an effort to get something original and of value.

Guest posts in online media and high quality blogsHow do we write guest posts at Linkingpress?

At Linkingpress we have a team of specialized writers who produce attractive, original and quality sponsored articles of around 500 words on a wide range of topics.

Originality and the number of words is essential in a guest article. Search engines give less value to articles of less than 300 words and penalize those who replicate the content.

In these articles we include a link to the client’s website to generate two effects:

  • Generate quality traffic to the client’s website that will help to increase your its and generate sales
  • Boost the search engine rankings of the client’s website.  By achieving this, users will find it just when they are looking for something related to its offer of products or services

Methodology for guest posts writing in Linkingpress

These are the 7 steps that our specialized writing team follows to prepare sponsored articles:

Guest posts in online media and high quality blogs1. We create a friendly SEO title

We include the keyword (s) in the article title which must be up to 60 characters long. This is so, because it is the maximum extent that search engines can show in their results.

It is not convenient to repeat the keyword (s) several times, because it is not natural and the title is over-optimized.

In addition, each title has to be unique, because it could generate confusion for both users and the search engine.

2. We write a first paragraph that answers to users needs

It is essential that the first paragraph anaswers to users needs. If not, they may not continue reading and leave the web.

In addition, we include the keyword (s) to be in line with the main theme. This is also part of the optimization process.

3. We include the keyword (s) in the article and headings

It is important that keyword (s) are included several times throughout the article. The number will depend on the length of the content, but it should be included at least 5 times.

Likewise, you must also include the keyword (s) in a heading. This is done to indicate the internet search engines about the structure and content of the article.

4. We use related keyword (s)

It is recommended to use related expressions that give context to the main keyword (s) and help to give consistency to all the content.

These related words can also be synonyms or expressions used in different contexts, even in specialized fields.

With its use, the exaggerated repetition of the main keyword (s) is reduced. This can really be penalized by search engines and generate a bad user experience.

5. We include a call to action.

The viral power that a simple phrase may generates with the reader should not be underestimated.

In fact, one of the problems with many blogs and websites is that they have lost their power to generate meaningful conversations, because people prefer to comment on social networks.

If comments are generated or content is shared through social networks, it will have a better consideration among search engines.

Guest posts in online media and high quality blogs6. We add an external link to a quality site

This topic is complex, because it may not be shared by all clients. We recommend including an external link to a quality site (an online media, Wikipedia, etc.). You have to think that search engines understand that you are adding value to the reader by providing other sources of information that can improve your experience.

The reason why some clients disagree with adding an external link is because they fear that the SEO effect for their link will lose steam. We clarify that this is not the case, but the client’s position must be respected.

7. We use professional SEO optimization tools

SEO optimization of the content that we prepare for our clients is optimized using professional tools such as Yoast or Rankmath.

They are one of the most used to have a positive effect on Google rankings.

Linkingpress premium guest posts

Linkingpress offers its clients the possibility to increase the length of their sponsored articles up to 1000 or 1500 words through a premium service at a really competitive price.

The extension of the contents is a fundamental factor when obtaining a positive evaluation among search engines. It is understood that an article with more data will provide more information to the reader and will satisfy their need instead of continuing to investigate other websites.

How to purchase a guest posts in Linkingpress?

With Linkingpress guest posts service you can publish your press release in one of the 6000 high-quality online media or blogs.

The process is simple, as we show you in this video:

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