How to get Guest Posts in the United Kingdom in 2021

How to get Guest Posts in the United Kingdom

Writing a guest post for another site is a great way of gaining increased exposure for your own web page. In this article we set out to explore why these are important and how to get guest posts published in the United Kingdom.

With guest posting the results in increased interest in your web page can be startling. Not only do they produce direct exposure to your web page, but they also exponentially increase your search rankings.

How do Guest Posts in the United Kingdom Work?

One great mechanism that guest posts use to increase the ranking of your site is by means of a method called backlinking. To explain backlinking fully is an article in its own right, but to put it simply backlinking can be described as:

‘Backlinking is a reciprocal link between your own and another webpage (where you have your guest post published). This link helps search engines to trust your website and consider it as an authority in your niche or market.’

Obviously then, the more backlinks you can create the greater this effect is. And Guest Posts are a great method of achieving this.

It also follows that the more reputable the site is that you publish on, the greater your credibility is when the search engines rank your page. Therefore, getting your guest post published on the correct sites is essential.

Unfortunately, this is where it gets tricky. The popularity of guest posting is so great that most reputable sites that offer it are inundated with applications.

There are a number of avenues that you can use to get posts accepted for publication. If you put time and effort into it, then getting your guest post published is achievable. However, for many people time is of great importance. One shortcut which we will cover in more detail later is to use a service like Linkingpress.

Linkingpress services start as low as 5 euros and can do the whole process for you including a guarantee that you will have your content published in premium media in the United Kingdom.

Here are some other popular methods of getting your guest post published.

1. Use Search Engines to find opportunities for your guest posts in the United Kingdom

Search engines like Google are an obvious place to start. However, be prepared to trawl through pages of results to find what you are looking for. Unfortunately, the popularity of guest posts means that many of the sites accepting guest posts will have waiting lists or may not be currently accepting any submissions.

Patience and perseverance are required to achieve results, so don’t expect to have your article published immediately. Some key terms to search for would include: –

  • Guest Posting in the United Kingdom
  • Sites that accept Guest Posts in the United Kingdom
  • Guest Blogs United Kingdom
  • Guest Writing in the United Kingdom

Of course, there are many other keyword searches and search engines to try, but the keywords here are time and effort.

2. Social Media

Social media platforms like are great sources of information when it comes to getting guest posts published. Facebook has many groups that are specifically geared towards guest posting in the United Kingdom.

Twitter is also a fantastic method of finding guest post resources and openings. It is more current with its information than most of the search engines. However you must be quick as most opportunities are snapped up as soon as they are posted.

Even Instagram can be a useful tool, a quick search shows a host of posts that are relevant to guest posting.

For business bloggers or article writers, you may want to have a look at LinkedIn to see what opportunities have been posted.

3. Write Great Content

Of course, if you follow the above steps your chances will be greatly enhanced if the content you wish to publish is well-written and engaging. Try to find a niche within your area of expertise that isn’t written about often. This can greatly increase your chances of having your article accepted.

Many people make the mistake of believing that because a particular article subject is popular it will be a good subject to cover. In reality, if an article is already prevalent throughout the internet, then the market for that type of article is likely to be already saturated.

The trick is to find subject matter that covers a niche within a niche that is rarely written about.

4. Find an Online Service to do the Hard Work for You

This is by far the easiest method of getting your guest posts published in the United Kingdom. Once again you must be a bit wary when selecting such a service, many promise a lot and deliver little.

In my own experience the best service I have found is from Linkingpress. It is also risk free. If they don’t deliver on a project, they offer a full money back guarantee. Most similar sites make no such an offer and the best that they will offer is to put credit towards a new project.

It gets better. Linkingpress are partnered with over 6.000 media sites and blogs and the list grows daily. Registration is free and there is no obligation. Once you have created an account the user interface is simple to follow and the Linkingpress people pride themselves on the quality of their customer support so if you need any help, there is always someone to guide you through the complete process.

With prices starting from 5 euros it is great value too. They can offer a complete service from writing your article, through to getting it published in numerous UK based media platforms and blogs.

If you don’t fancy trawling through search pages and Social Media for days on end and desire fast results that will see your post featured in respected media outlets such as Forbes and many other reputable sources, then contact Linkingpress and see if they can help.

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  2. Jacinta R. Courts

    If you can get backlinks through guest posts in SEO, it will help in Google ranking. If you want to post guest in united kingdom blogs then you must give good article and it will get good traffic and rank through it. Guest blogging is the way to higher your rank on google serp page.

  3. Madeline R. Hester

    You can easily grow your website by guest posting, you have got a huge audience for your websites. When you want to guest post in UK then you have to know how to guest post in United Kingdom. Find guest post website first then prepare your content for bloggers.

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