How to get Guest Posts in Switzerland in 2021

How to get Guest Posts in Switzerland in 2021

Getting guest posts published can be tricky and time consuming. In this article we are going to discuss some of the methods you can use to get your post published and why it is worth all the time and effort to do so. We will answer your question: Why do I need Guest Posts in Switzerland?

Guest Posts are a fantastic way of increasing traffic to your web page. While a small percentage of this is driven by having a link to your page visible on another web page, the greater benefits are through improved search engine rankings.

This is a technique known as backlinking. For search engines these links are one aspect that is considered when ranking your page in its search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals have been using this method successfully for years, simply because it is so effective.

What Methods can I use to get Guest Posts in Switzerland?

Because of the popularity of guest posts, it is increasingly difficult to get guest posts in Switzerland. Although there are many media outlets and blogs that will publish them, they are usually overwhelmed by requests. I’m afraid to say that perseverance and patience will be required.

But it is always possible. You just must be prepared to put some time and effort in. Before we go through some of the more popular methods, if time is short for you then there is a shortcut.

Online Services like Linkingpress, for example, offer a service that will allow you to have your contents published in premium media and blogs in Switzerland without the effort. We will cover this in more depth later in the article.

1. Google: Guest Posts in Switzerland

This is perhaps the most obvious place to start. Search engines can be a great source for finding web sites and blogs in Switzerland that publish guest posts. To get started try searching on terms like: –

  • Switzerland Guest Posting
  • Guest Blogs in Switzerland
  • Guest article writing in Switzerland

I’m sure you get the idea. Whilst search engines can be a great source for guest posts, be prepared to be patient. Many of the sites listing as accepting guest posts will be inundated with requests and many others simply won’t be accepting submissions.

In such a competitive market, you need to be prepared to keep plugging away. But one crucial item will help ensure you have the best possible chance, which we shall cover next.

2. Write a Great Blog or Article

This is often overlooked, but if you want to get a guest post published in Switzerland, then the content you present must be well-written, engaging, and informative. One thing to avoid is to write on a subject that is already well covered. Try to write on a subject matter that is unique. Find a niche subject within your area of interest and write a blog or article on that.

Picking the right subject matter will increase your chances exponentially. However, if you want to be considered an authority on your subject, then you must be sure of the validity of every point within your post. Research is crucial here. As well as being informative and engaging, it must also be correct. Nobody will post an article that is full of badly written prose and inaccuracies.

3. Social Media

Social Media is a great way of connecting with other bloggers and creating potential opportunities for writing guest blogs. Facebook has many groups that are dedicated to SEO and guest blogging and posts, many of these are specifically geared towards guest posting in Switzerland. A quick search in Facebook groups using terms like the ones listed below, will show you just what is available.

  • Guest Post Groups in Switzerland
  • Swiss Guest Blog Groups
  • Switzerland SEO and Guest Posts

Making yourself known in these groups can open many leads that can help you land that guest post.

Twitter is also a great platform for getting guest posts. A quick search on relevant hashtags like, #guestposts, #writingguestposts, among others, will return a large amount of results that can lead you to guest post opportunities and a host of other resources that can help you get your post published.

For business articles and posts, LinkedIn is useful for finding contacts and potential sites for posting your article and although Instagram isn’t the ideal platform, there are still many results listed under appropriate search terms.

4. Use an online service

As you should now be aware, getting a guest post published can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. Unfortunately, guest posting is so popular that supply has far outstripped demand. If you are short on time and require fast results, then one option open is to look at using a complete guest post service.

One such service that is highly recommended for a number of reasons which we shall cover is Linkingpress. One of the major reasons that they come highly recommended is their commitment to customer support.

Many of these services, unfortunately fail to deliver on their projects and offer no money back, in many cases the only remuneration offered will be a credit towards future projects. That isn’t the case with Linkingpress, they offer a full money back guarantee if they do not complete a project for whatever reason. Their pricing structure is also reasonable with pricing starting at 10 euros.

Linkingpress boasts a growing list of partnerships with premium media and blogging sites including such heavyweight names as Forbes, amongst others. The current list of partnerships stands at over 6.000.

Registration is free and carries no obligation and the experts at Linkingpress can help you select the right package to suit your needs exactly. They even have a team of professional writers if you require your blog or article written for you.

Guest blogging can be difficult to become established in, for first timers with no pedigree it is a time-consuming task that will initially likely start in lesser known and less prestigious publications. This is fine for people with the time and energy to spare, but if your needs are more pressing then an online service like Linkingpress is possibly your best option. 

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