How to get Guest Posts in Spain in 2021

How to get Guest Posts in Spain in 2021

Guest posts in Spain are an increasingly used tool for growing brand name mentions, generating web-traffic and rocket search engine rankings.

One of the methods that guest posts use to achieve this is by means of increasing backlinks. Backlinks are when a link in a post to an external website is linked back to. It is important to SEO as these links are recognized as a ‘trust relationship’ between the websites.  This trust is used by the search engines to infer that your site has reliable content.

The more backlinks you have to your website the greater the chances are of your website gaining higher search engine ratings. In other words, the more external links you have pointing back to your webpage, the more search engines assume that your content is trustworthy, and the content is good and relevant.

This is one of the main ways that guest posts can help generate traffic for your webpage. Now that you know how important they are, let’s look at some of the ways you can get guest posts in Spain.

Guest posts in Spain in 2021

There are a number of methods you can get the ball rolling which we shall cover below. There are also web-services available like the excellent service provided at, which can simplify the whole matter. But before we consider what methods to use to get your guest post published, you first must:

Prepare your Guest Post

Without a well written and SEO friendly article, then you could waste a lot of time for nothing. Have your subject matter well-researched and produce a well-written and informative article that is on a topical subject.

If you can go one step further and find a niche within the subject that there aren’t many articles on, then that is even better. The key here is to do your research before you write.

A badly written article is unlikely to get published as a guest post anywhere.

Now that you’ve got that killer article written, let’s move on and check what methods you can use to get it published.

1. A Simple Google Search

A quick search on the internet will display a host of options for finding ways of getting guest posts in Spain. Some good search terms to use are:

  • Guest posts in Spain
  • Opportunities for guest posts in Spain
  • Submit guest post Spain
  • Become a guest writer Spain
  • Guest bloggers wanted in Spain
  • Articles wanted Spain
  • Guest bloggers wanted in Spain
  • Sites accepting guest articles in Spain

It does take some trawling about, but with patience and some perseverance, you could find some good sources for posting your content.

2. Social Media

A quick search on Facebook will display a multitude of guest posting and blogging groups which are fantastic sources of information and resources. Many of which will be specifically targeted at getting guest posts in Spain. Joining these groups will allow you to post queries about where to get your guest post published and even swap guest posts with other Spanish users.

Twitter is also a great resource for finding guest post slots in Spain. A quick search using hashtags like






Twitter is far more up to date with its website referencing than search engines like Google, so the content you find is usually more relevant and up to date.

Even Instagram can be used, a quick search on guest blogger or guest post will list many posts that are using these hashtags.

3. Check out what Backlinks your Competitors are using

Do a Google search for whatever your niche or product is, and it will list sites that are operating in a similar field to your own page. Note down the address and check what backlinks they are using. Sites like or  are resources that will allow you to list all the backlinks on your competitors site.

It is likely that not all the links on the site will be backlinked to, but a hefty proportion may well be. What you now have is a list of sites that you can approach, armed with the knowledge that they accept backlinks.

This is a great way of finding sites that don’t advertise the fact they accept guest posts.


Search for Lists of Guest Post in Spain

Luckily many people have gone to the trouble of creating lists of sites that accept guest posts. Most of these sites aren’t country specific, so you may have to work your way through less relevant sites to find what you need. But there are a few that are specific to Spain, including this Spanish language list of sites accepting guest posts.

Use a Service like Linkingpress

It might sound like a lot of work to get your guest post published, and, yes, it can be. And results can be hard to come by, one of the problems is the sheer popularity of guest posting. Basically, there are more people looking to get posts published than there are sites publishing guest posts.

A service like Linkingpress can guarantee you will have your contents published in premium media in Spain. For fees starting at 5€ you can simply purchase guest post that are guaranteed to improve your search engine rankings. Not only that but Linkingpress cares about your work. This is evident right from the beginning of the process, a user friendly interface walks you through the procedure and the support is second to none.

Unlike competitor sites Linkingpress are so invested in your product that if they can’t complete a project a full refund will be paid. This differs from other services where no refund is offered, rather your money is kept and used against further projects. Whether you like it or not!

Free access to more than 6000 Spanish newspapers and blogs

Linkingpress is not just another anonymous website that offers much and delivers little. They genuinely care about your article and take pride in not only meeting your expectations but surpassing them. It is this ethos that makes them stand out from their competitors. Using this service you will be able to have your content featured in premium media in Spain.

They have built partnerships with over 6000 online media sites and blogs from Spain and elsewhere in the world. You can find premium media from other Spanish speaking regions like Chile, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, amongst others.

If you take Spain, for instance, in this one country Linkingpress can have your article featured in a massive number of top news sites and blogs, and that is only one country!

Registration is free of charge so you can check it out before you purchase. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. They can lead you through the whole process and ensure that everything is honed to obtaining that perfect SEO ranking. Their service even includes writing your article if desired!

If you fancy your post being published without having to go through hours of research that usually leads to dead ends and want to see your post published on such prestigious sites and reputable sites, then this choice could be for you!

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