How to Get Guest Posts in Mexico in 2021

How to Get Guest Posts in Mexico

Guest Posts are a fantastic way of driving traffic to your webpage and therefore generating sales. But just what are guest posts? And how do they work? And just how do you set about getting guest posts in Mexico?

In this article we set out to answer all these questions and we will explain how to get your blog or article posted as a guest posts in Mexico.

What is a Guest Post?

It is as simple as it sounds. A guest post is an article that you have either written or sourced that is published on a site rather than your own as a guest post. For example, say you have a web page which sells anti-virus software. You could write a blog or article for one of the Mexican PC-Magazines extolling the virtue of the software.

How do Guest Posts Work?

Guest Posts obviously get your web page more exposure by drawing interest and visitors from the site you published on. But that is just a small part of its potential. More importantly by using guest posts you can improve your search engine ranking. Guest posts have become an especially important piece of equipment in the SEO specialist’s tool kit.

The main method that guest posts achieve this is by a means known as backlinking. In essence, it’s a method of getting links from blogs back to your webpage. Search engines pick up these links and use them as a sign of trust that your page is a source of good content and is worthy of a higher ranking in Search Engine Result pages.

The greater the amount of guest posts you can get published in Mexico, the more of these links there are. Which in turn generates even higher rankings.

How do I Get Guest Posts in Mexico?

Getting a guest post published sounds like quite an easy task. Unfortunately without a lot of time an effort the results can be disappointing. One easy way to quickly get guest posts published in Mexico is to use an excellent service like the one offered by Linkingpress.  Using their service is a cost-effective way of getting your post published quickly and across many reputable websites, we shall cover this in more detail later in the article.

First, we will examine some other methods of getting your guest post published.

1. Write a Great Post

Without a great post it is likely you will be wasting your time. A well-researched and well-written post is crucial, it is unlikely that any website will publish a badly written article. A professionally written article is the first step to getting a guest post published in Mexico.

Your post must be relevant, topical, and preferably covering an aspect of whatever your niche is in an interesting and informative way. It is best when researching your article to find a topic that isn’t frequently covered. By covering a unique angle or aspect of your niche gives your article a better chance of standing out from the crowd.

Many people fail at this first hurdle, so if you are unsure about your writing skills then services like Linkingpress can handle that side as well as guaranteeing your professional post gets published on highly reputable web-pages.

2. Contact Relevant Websites

Now that you’ve got that killer article ready it is time to get it published. The first method we will cover is to contact web pages directly. Once again research is the keyword here.

Many sites don’t publish guest posts, and many that do don’t openly advertise the fact. Spend time looking at sites that are suited to your article and ask if they are open to guest posts.

Another method is to check out some of your competitor’s sites for existing backlinks. There are numerous online resources that will let you examine the links on their sites for backlinks. By using this method, you will have at your fingertips a list of websites that you know accept guest posts in Mexico.

Of course, a quick Google using terms like:

  • Guest posts in Mexico
  • Mexico Guest posting
  • Guest Blogs Mexico
  • Guest Writers in Mexico

This can be a great way of finding relevant sites that accept guest posts.

3. Take to Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram are fantastic ways of sourcing sites to get guest posts published. For Facebook, the easiest way to start is to search for groups dedicated to guest posts in Mexico, of which they are numerous.

Twitter can be a great resource as well. Searching on hashtags like #guestpostmexico, #guestblogmexico can quickly produce a list of resources and webpages that could lead to getting that guest post published.

4. Use a Service like Linkingpress to get guest posts in Mexico

Getting a guest posts in Mexico won’t be easy, particularly if you don’t have any pedigree as a blog or writer. With fees starting as low as 5€ sites like Linkingpress can guarantee that you will have your contents published in premium media in Mexico. Not only that but they can guide you through the whole procedure, including writing your blog or article.

Linkingpress, unlike similar sites, put the emphasis purely on customer satisfaction. They are so convinced that you will be happy with their service that they offer a full money back guarantee. Other sites offering similar services do not offer this as an option, rather if your project is not completed, they will still keep your money and only offer a credit against future projects.

Linkingpress are partnered with over 6,000 media outlets throughout the world including many specifically geared towards Guest Posts in Brazil.

Signing up is simple, free and has no obligation. Once your account is created, you are presented with a user-friendly interface that makes the whole process easy. The great thing about Linkingpress is their commitment to customer service. So, if you have any problems then they are always there to help.

Guest Posts are an essential method of generating traffic. As you can see they can be difficult and time consuming to achieve. If your time is important to you then Linkingpress can have your post published in numerous reputable web pages including Forbes, El Universal, amongst others.

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