How to get Guest Posts in Italy in 2021

How to get Guest Posts in Italy in 2021

Guest posting is a popular method of increasing awareness of your web page. If you are looking for ways to get guest posts in Italy, then this article sets out to describe the steps and methods required.

It does take time and effort to succeed in acquiring guest post slots as they are becoming increasingly popular.  So, I’m afraid you will have to be prepared to put a large chunk of your time aside.

From the outset if you haven’t got the time to spare, or just don’t fancy going through the process, then there are easy methods available as there are many online services who can simplify the process. Sites like Linking Press can have your contents published in premium media in Italy, without any of the hassle.

How to get Guest Posts in Italy in 2021
How to get Guest Posts in Italy in 2021

Why are Guest Posts Important?

Guest posts are one of the most frequently used mechanisms to drive traffic to your site and improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So, the obvious way it can increase your traffic is by having a link to it visible on another web page.

But really the most important facet of a Guest Post is increasing your SEO. In the case of guest articles this is most frequently achieved using a method known as backlinking. To clarify, backlinking is basically a two-way link between your webpage and the page or pages you have published a guest article.

These links are picked up by the search engines and your webpage is more likely to be a ‘trusted’ source of information. The more of these links you can build the greater this trust becomes and the more likely your page is to achieve a higher ranking in search results.

Now we know the importance of guest posts. Let’s have a look at some of the methods you can use to get guest posts in Italy.

1. Check out if your Competitors have Guest Posts

One great way of finding a list of websites that are relevant and accept guest posts is to check out if websites like your own have any guest posts published. This will give you leads on which sites to approach to get your own post published.

There are many tools on the internet that can analyze a site and display a list of the links on their webpage. Not all of these will be backlinks, but those that are will provide a list of web pages to approach.

If you want to try this method, then ahrefs is a great place to start.

2. Search for Websites in Italy that Accept Guest Posts

This is a broader brush approach to searching for web sites that accept Guest Posts. It can be tedious as many of the sites that accept guest posts will have limited slots available and will tend to be biased towards previous contributors.

Popular Google search terms to use are: –

  • Guest blogs in Italy
  • Getting Guest articles in Italy
  • Guest Posts in Italy
  • Publishing Guest Posts in Italy

Unless you’re incredibly lucky, this will take time and patience. But with perseverance then it will yield results, particularly if you heed the next point.

3. Make sure your post is professionally written and engaging

You can do all the searching through competitors web pages and Google that you like, but unless your content is up to scratch then you are likely just wasting your time. The competition to get Guest posts published in Italy is intense and unless your article meets high standards it is unlikely to be accepted.

The subject matter is your first consideration, try to avoid subjects that already have loads of articles written about. These are likely to have reached saturation point, try to find a unique angle or less written about subject.

Research is always critical; your article should be well-researched and correct in every detail. Remember whoever is reading your article is considering you as an authority on your subject. If they spot mistakes, then all credibility is gone.

If you have doubts about your ability as a writer then there are many content writing services available. For instance, services like Linking Press can not only get your post published but can also write it for you.

How to get Guest Posts in Italy in 2021
How to get Guest Posts in Italy in 2021

4. Social Media

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to get your guest post published. On Facebook there are many groups dedicated to guest posts in general and many of them for Italy in particular. To find these groups  just takes a quick search in Facebook groups for terms like: –

  • Guest Posting in Italy
  • SEO Guest Post Italy
  • Italy Guest Blogs

Searching Twitter using similar hashtag searches can also be a successful method. Once you start interacting with others on Social Media you can pick up many hints and tips on how to get published.

5. Use an Online Service to do it for you

This might sound like hard work and in all likelihood, it will involve a lot of time and patience. If time is short it may well be in your best interest to use an online service that will guarantee your post gets published in reputable media outlets.

One such site that has a proven track record is Linkingpress. They are partnered with over 6000 media outlets throughout the world and more than 2000 are based in Italy.

Pricewise they have packages that start around 5 Euros and can offer a full range of services from publishing an existing article to a complete professional writing and guest posting service.

One of the great features that they offer is a full money back guarantee if they don’t complete your project. This is a feature that most similar services don’t offer and really is a reflection on their emphasis on customer satisfaction.

If you think that this is the way forward for you and you fancy seeing your post published in such places as Forbes and other reputable websites and blogs, then pop along to their web page. Registration is free and they are always happy to discuss your needs.

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