How to get Guest Posts in Germany in 2021

How to get Guest Posts in Germany in 2021

If you want to increase the traffic and boost the SEO ratings of your webpage, one sure way of doing so is by publishing guest posts on other web pages. The problem is that guest posts in Germany has become so popular that getting them published on other sites is becoming increasingly difficult.

How to get Guest Posts in Germany in 2021
How to get Guest Posts in Germany in 2021

This post sets out to describe the steps and methods you can use to get a guest post published. It can be a time consuming and patience sapping experience though. We recommend you to be prepared to spend some time and effort to achieve it.

If you are on a tight schedule, then one sure fire way you will be able to have your content in premium media in Germany, is to check out the web services available that can do this for you. It is something we will cover in more detail later in the article.

First let’s touch briefly on the subject of guest posts and why they are so important.

Why should I use Guest Posts in Germany?

Guest posts are a fantastic method of improving your search engine rankings. Also, is a great way to redirect traffic to your webpage. The direct traffic increase is simply by getting through traffic clicking on the links provided in your guest post.

It’s these links that the search engines use to increase your ranking. By creating two-way or backlinks between the two pages an element of ‘trust’ is noted by the search engines. The more of these links exist the greater that level of trust, ultimately your site is seen as an authority on your subject and its search engine rankings rise exponentially.

It is for this reason that guest posts have become so popular. This is why getting guest posts published can be a tedious affair. Specially for those with no proven track record or pedigree as an article writer or blogger.

In the following section we shall discuss some of the methods you can use to get your guest post published.

1. Search on Social Media: Gues posts in Germany

Social media platforms can be a great way of getting guest posts published. There are many Facebook groups dedicated to the subject. Within these groups you can get news on which sites are publishing, interact with other guest posters and bloggers to get tips and advice on how to go about it, and even arrange guest post swaps with others.

A word of warning, whilst these ‘swaps’ are useful to some degree, they are usually on sites that have less SEO presence, so although it’s a useful exercise the results can be less than startling.

To start on Facebook search and join relevant groups, good search terms would be: –

  • Guest blogger groups in Germany
  • Guest posts in Germany
  • SEO guest posting Germany

Twitter can also be another useful resource. The information that is displayed in a Twitter search is often more up to date than using search engines. Once again, the problem here is down to supply and demand. There are far more people looking for guest post opportunities than there are sites accepting guest posts. Any opportunities that come up on Twitter are likely to be snapped up within a few minutes.

2. Google it

Of course, I should point out that other search engines are available. Although the information in a Google search might not be as current as on Twitter, it is all the same an invaluable source of websites that accept guest posts in Germany.

Searches like:

  • Guest articles in Germany
  • German Guest Bloggers
  • Guest Posting in Germany
  • Article writing in Germany

It may take some time and patience to find the right opportunities, but when they do arise then you need to be prepared and make sure that your article is up to scratch. That is the next point we will cover.

How to get Guest Posts in Germany in 2021
How to get Guest Posts in Germany in 2021

3. Write a Guest Post Worthy of Publishing

Nobody will publish a badly written or ill-informed article. To have any chance of being published you need to ensure that your article meets the expected standards. It can be time consuming finding that guest post opportunity but unless your article is written to a professional standard and engaging then I’m afraid it will have been a complete waste of your time.

If you doubt your ability to write a quality post or blog, then one great method is to use a professional content writer. Good quality content writing is cheaper than you may expect. Sites like Linkingpress can not only write your content but ensure it is published as a guest post through the partnerships they have built up with over 2500 prestigious media outlets and blogs.

4. Check your Competitors Web Pages for Backlinks

This can be a great way of finding websites that accept guest posts. There are many tools on the internet that will list all the backlinks associated with a web page. Once you have these links, what you actually have is a list of webpages in your sphere of operation that you know accept guest posts.

5. Use a Third Party to do the Work for you

This may sound like a lot of hard work and I’m afraid to say it is and it’s only going to get harder. One sure way of getting your guest post published in Germany is by using a company to do the whole job for you. There are loads of options available, but many promise much without delivering results.

One we would highly recommend is Linkingpress, a company with a great reputation within the industry. They are strongly focused on building customer relationships, a fact emphasized by their full money back guarantee if your project is not fulfilled. Most other similar services will, at the most, only offer a credit towards future projects.

Another factor we like about their service is the quality of the media your post gets published on. In Germany alone they have partnerships with a host of premium media sites and worldwide they have an ever-increasing database of over 6000 premium media sites.

If you don’t fancy the hassle of writing your article either then they do the whole process for you, pricing is reasonable too with prices beginning at around 10 euros.

If you want to get published quickly and see your post published on sites like Forbes, then this might be the best option.

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