How to get Guest Posts in France in 2021

How to get Guest Posts in France

In France guest posts are a hugely popular way of generating interest and traffic for your web page. But getting a guest published can be difficult and time consuming. This article will discuss the best ways to achieve getting a guest post published in France.

We will cover some of the difficult and time consuming ways to achieve this and also a quick and easy shortcut that ensures you will have your content published in premium media in France.

How to get Guest Posts in France in 2021
How to get Guest Posts in France in 2021

First, let’s briefly explain what a guest post is and why it is important to get guest posts published.

What are Guest Posts and how do they work?

Guest posts are simply blogs or articles that you publish on sites other than your own. They can be either articles you yourself have written or had written for you. Sites like Linkingpress can take the hard work out of this by producing that killer article for you, as a badly written article will have little or no chance of being accepted as a guest post.

Where guest posts excel are at moving your webpage up the search engine rankings and generating traffic for your site.

When you get a guest post published in France it achieves this jump in interest by a couple of methods. Firstly, it achieves this by introducing your site to a new audience directly, simply by introducing your website to them.

More importantly, it increases your SEO ranking by means of a method called backlinking. Put simply, backlinking is a means of gaining the ‘trust’ of search engines like Google by creating reciprocated links between your guest post and your own web pages.

It is these links that exponentially improve your search engine ranking. The take from this, is that the more guest posts you have published the greater your content is seen as worthwhile by the search engines. Hence the better your ranking in search result pages.

Now that you understand the importance of guest posts, we can examine the methods you can use to get posts published in France.

1. Search Engines

The obvious place to start is to enter terms into sites like Google. Some of the terms that can provide useful results are: –

  • Guest posting in France
  • Guest blog openings in France
  • Web pages that accept guest posts in France
  • Guest writers France
  • Getting guest articles in France

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to be taken here. The popularity of guest posting means that although you may come across multiple sites that publish Guest Posts, they may not be accepting more of them. Also, they may adopt a strict criteria as to whom and what they publish.

Perseverance is the key. Also, playing a long game by letting yourself be known to them by commenting on existing posts etc. can be useful for getting you further up the queue.

How to get Guest Posts in France in 2021
How to get Guest Posts in France in 2021

2. Social Media

Social media is a great resource for finding sites that are publishing guest posts in France. They can be useful to connect with others who are in a similar boat. You may also find others that are willing to swap guest posts.

On Facebook, try joining groups that are geared towards Guest Posting in France. Simple searches like Guest Posting in France, or Guest Posting SEO France will list numerous relevant groups.

Twitter is also a powerful tool for finding guest post resources and opportunities. Search on relevant hashtags. The results can be more immediate and up to date than Google, but once again perseverance is the key here. Guest post slots can appear and be snapped up in seconds, such is the ferocity of the market.

A word of warning though, there are many scams on Social Media that offer you the world for a small fee.

These should obviously be avoided. There are many genuine and trustworthy options like Linkingpress that provide great services at great value if you are willing to pay for a complete guest posting service.

3. Contact Potential Websites that are open for guest posts in France

In other words, become a door to door salesman. Make a list of websites that are active in whatever your niche is and contact them directly. Although many of them won’t advertise the fact that they accept Guest Posts or even normally don’t, if your pitch is strong and your article is interest grabbing, they may just publish your guest blog or post.

Obviously, you will want to prioritize sites that are known to publish guest posts, but not all sites that do advertise the fact. A good method of tracking down sites such is this is to examine the links from sites that are direct competitors to your own.

Using a backlink checking tool will display a list of the links on their web pages that are backlinked. And just like that you have a list of relevant web pages that you know publish guest posts.

4. Use Linkingpress to get a Guest Post Published in France

I know from personal experience just how difficult it can be to get a guest post published, particularly on meaningful and reputable sites and especially if you have no prior record and/or no writing experience.

With services starting from 5 euros and a full money back guarantee on uncompleted projects, Linkingpress can take you through the whole process, including writing your article. With an ever-growing list of quality media sites and blogs that is currently over 6.000 strong, you can have your article listed on premium media sites like Forbes. Including many influential media outlets in France.

Unlike similar services, the ethos of Linkingpress is always to put the customer first. Their customer support is second to none and the user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to submit your post. And their customer support agents are always standing by to answer your questions.

Signing up for the service is completely free and carries no further obligation. If you want to avoid wasting your time trawling the internet looking for guest post opportunities, then this service may well be what you’re looking for!

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    Thank you so much, French online newspapers, for the excellent Guest posting service.

  2. Carol C. Reilly

    Guest post is the important part of OFF PAGE SEO, guest post make your website strong for google ranking as well. Guest post is not an easy task in French online newspaper blogs or sites, you must give a good article to the website and it will give you a good backlinks.

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    I was referred to linkingpress by a friend of mine who had written for them before. I was able to find an amazing guest post that got published in France on the blogging platform, which is literally unbelievable!
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    I must tell that this is an important article to go through. I was really intrigued when I came across this article. It is so well written and researched. It is the best article on the topic that I have come across so far. The language is simple enough for anyone to understand and it does not get tedious at any point.
    Guest blogging in France in 2021 is a very big deal. The internet is expanding at an incredible rate, and so are the opportunities to write for French audiences. This article has provided with information on how to get guest posts in France.
    Thanks for sharing valuable information.

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