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How to get Guest Posts in Brazil

Writing guest posts in Brazil for bloggers or websites can be a great way of generating traffic to your own webpage. The obvious way that it does this is by exposing your web page to a new audience. But that isn’t the only way, writing a guest post can generate new traffic by helping your SEO.

The main method by which it does this is by using a method called backlinking. Backlinking works by reciprocating external links that you include in your guest post. For instance, if you link to your own webpage to your guest post and it is then linked back to your webpage a backlink is formed.

Search engines note these backlinks as a form of trust between the web pages and from that will assume your content is trustworthy. The more of these backlinks you can create the more your page will be considered a relevant page to display on search engine result pages.


It is for these reasons that guest posts are so popular. But just how do you get guest posts in Brazil?

One easy way to get your guest post posted on many notable media outlets in Brazil is to use a great service like Linkingpress. We shall cover their services in detail later in the article. But first, let’s look at the difficult method of getting a guest published in Brazil.

Writing Great Guest Posts in Brazil

The first anyone needs to do before trying to get a guest published in Brazil is to make sure they have a well-written article that other sites will want to publish. Nobody will publish an article that is poorly written and/or researched.

Whatever your niche or market is, the article you write should be relevant, up to date, and preferably include subject matter that is ‘hot’.

It will be difficult to get published if your article is one among thousands that all cover a particular subject. Finding a niche within that subject that few writers cover will greatly enhance your chances.

Now that you have your guest post ready to go let’s look at how you go about getting it published as a guest post in Brazil. There are a few methods to discuss which are listed below.

1. Social Media

Social Media is a great way to get your guest post published. For example, a simple search in Facebook groups using terms like – “Brazil Guest Post groups,” or “Guest Blogging in Brazil,” or simply, “Guest Posting,” will list a multitude of groups that are crammed full of posts with relevant resources.

Twitter is another great Social Media site for helping to get guest posts in Brazil. Using hashtags like:




Will list a host of suggestions, web pages, and resources that can help you get a guest post published in Brazil.

And although it is fundamentally an image-based platform, even a quick search on Instagram can produce results.

2. Search Engines for guest posts in Brazil

It seems too obvious, but it’s surprising how often people looking to publish guest posts in Brazil overlook it. A quick google search using terms like: –

  • Guest posting guidelines in Brazil
  • Guest Article Brazil
  • Open to Guest blogging Brazil
  • Guest post openings in Brazil
  • Submit blog posts in Brazil

It may take some time and patience to get exactly what you need. You better take into account that guest posting is so popular that many of the results will lead to dead ends. Also, guest post sites are so inundated with requests that they are no longer accepting contributions.

The key here is perseverance.

3. Email Campaign

Find other sites that operate within your niche or market and approach them directly. Not all sites that accept guest posts in Brazil advertise the fact, and if you have a good and topical article that will benefit both parties then they may well publish your post.

One good way of narrowing the field is to check sites that are in direct competition to your own. Using tools that check for backlinks you will be able to determine if they have published guest articles on other sites. There are a number of free tools that can be used to accomplish this task. Find here or here two of the most popular tools.

Once you have analyzed your competitor’s site using a tool such as this, you will have a list of the links that appear on their site. Not all will be backlinks but those that are will lead you to webpages that you now know accept guest posts in Brazil.

4. Use Linkingpress

Guest Posting in Brazil has become enormously popular as a method of generating web traffic and increasing your income. Using the above methods is time-consuming and may well pay dividends if you work hard at it. But it won’t be immediate, and the results can be disappointing.

If your time is important to you then Linkingpress is a perfect solution. Unlike other services, they will refund your money if the project isn’t completed. With services starting from 5 € euros it doesn’t break the bank either. Most other sites offering this service do not offer refunds, rather you will be forced to use it as payment for future projects… Whether you like it or not!

Linkingpress is focused on customer satisfaction. They aren’t happy unless you are. Linkingpress partnered with over 6.000 online newspapers and blogs from around the world including many in Brazil.

Linkingpress can guarantee that you will be able to have your content published in premium newspapers and blogs in Brazil. Also, they make it easy to do so. Their customer focus is obvious from the moment you sign up (which is completely free). The easy-to-use interface will guide you through the process that will lead you to have your post published in reputable media outlets.

Guest posting is a great way of increasing your webpages exposure, but getting those posts published in Brazil can be hard. Linkingpress are experts in this field and with competitive rates and a money-back guarantee they may be just what you’re looking for.

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