what are the top Guest post sites and blogs?

What are the top guest post sites and blogs?

Guest Post Sites will help you in building an online presence of your brand and increase visibility in search engines. Mostly, every blog invites guest posts blogger one in a while but some blogs offer guest posts more often than others and provide opportunities to new writers.

Guest Post Opportunities

To start writing the guest posts, you need to find the guest post opportunities first. There are numerous opportunities for bloggers, but the question is how to avail themselves? Search for sites relevant to your expert niche. The audience is already interested in your niche then it will be easier for you to attract them. The blog should be famous and active. Keep looking for sites that invite guest bloggers and follow them. This way, you will get invited to write for the blog.

How many guest posts you can publish per month?

Around 1.75 million posts are published each day on different websites and blogs. If you are a guest post writer and wondering how many posts you can or you should publish in a month. You can publish 11-12 posts per month. Without decreasing your quality, you can write up to 13 or14 as well. Expert bloggers and guest post hosting websites have claimed that 11 guest posts a month are enough to engage a large audience and to maintain the quality of the site. The SEO guest posts help the site to improve and get high rankings. If your content is SEO then, it will help your rankings better even if you are posting less than 10 guest posts per month. Thus, it depends on the quality and SEO.

Top Guest Posts Sites:

There is more than 300 Guest posting blogs and websites operating in 2021. The blogs and sites have different niches. These blogs provide free and paid Guest posting which is a great platform for writers to show their skills and writing talents,

Here is a list of some Guest post sites active:

Blog Name-Niche

  • Myvu – Technology, business, Finance
  • Infobeat – Marketing, Technology and business, Finance
  • Meldium – Marketing, Technology and business, Finance
  • Posting – Marketing, Technology and business, Finance
  • Jcount -Marketing, Technology and business, Finance
  • Tipsblogger -Marketing, Technology, and business
  • ReadWrite – Technology and business, Finance
  • Edutopia – Educational
  • AppendTo – Educational
  • Health Line – Health and Fitness
  • Brain Blog – Health and Fitness
  • CareKees – Health and Fitness
  • One Fitness – Health and Fitness
  • Socialnomics – Social Media
  • Social Media Today – Social Media
  • Social Media Examiner – Social Media
  • Post planner – Social Media
  • Viral Blog – Social Media
  • TechsInfo – Digital Marketing
  • WP MarketX – Digital Marketing
  • WP SpaceX – Digital Marketing
  • WPX Techs – Digital Marketing
  • WebFactory blog – Digital Marketing
  • WP Sauce – Digital Marketing
  • Copyblogger – Digital Marketing
  • The Specky Geek -Lifestyle, Entertainment
  • Write to done Lifestyle, Entertainment
  • Kikolani Lifestyle, Entertainment
  • Live write thrive Lifestyle, Entertainment
  • Inspirationalfeed Lifestyle, Entertainment
  • Blog engage Lifestyle, Entertainment
  • Basic blog Tips Lifestyle, Entertainment
  • Blog Dash Lifestyle, Entertainment
  • Intense Blog Lifestyle, Entertainment
  • iBlog Zone Lifestyle, Entertainment
  • SelfGrowth Lifestyle, Entertainment
  • LifeHack Lifestyle, Entertainment
  • Smashing Blog- Web designing
  • Creative point Web designing
  • Template Monster Web designing
  • Tympanus Web designing
  • Dzone Web designing

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