How to get invited as a guest blogger?

How can you get invited as a guest blogger? What is the difference between free and paid Guest posts?

If you are a writer or a struggling blogger or get invited as a guest blogger, you might have seen other bloggers getting invited as guests. You must be wondering how exactly one is invited? and how to invite someone to write for your blog? Is it free or paid?
Here are some top asked questions explained briefly.

How to Get invited as a guest blogger?

Inviting someone to write a guest post for your website is not that hard. All you need to do is find the right bloggers. Finding the right bloggers mean to search writers that are expert in your interesting niches, they should have a good reputation and quality writing. Once you have found the right blogger then simply invite them through email or any other contact available. Send them your pitch and let them know about your website. There are many authors that work as guest post writers. Invite a good writer who can increase the quality of your blog. Send your pitch to different and versatile bloggers to make your blogs even more interesting.

How Can you get invited as a guest to other`s blogs?

Getting an invitation as a guest post writer is a big thing. To get invited more often, you should start researching and delivering. When you study the website and expert the niche then, the chance of your invitation increase. When you publish an article or blog, share it and expand it far and wide. People will start recognizing you and knowing your work, the editors will notice your quality and invite you as a guest post writer on their website. Another way to improve the quality of your work and attracting big, famous blogs is to meet the deadlines and follow the directions given, for instance, keep the word count in limit and create SEO content. Your content should be SEO friendly so it could benefit you and the website as well.

What is free guest posting?

Free guest posting simply means to write for a blog or website for free. Guest posts are usually friendly and professional. Websites and blogs invite other bloggers and writers to create SEO-friendly content for them. If the website or blog is well-known and famous then most authors find it a privilege to write for it and do not charge any fee.

What is paid guest posting?

Paid guest posting is becoming famous nowadays, Writers provide content in exchange for money. It is a good way to earn through writing. The truth is, on any website, guest writers are profit the most from the deal, so blogs try to negotiate, or if a famous blogger is willing to write then pay extra to improve their blog.

A lot of blogs are now offering writers for the paid guest posts. If you can provide quality work and good SEO content then you can make tons of money through guest posting. It is a good opportunity for the writers.

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  1. William W. Brewer

    If you want to be a guest blogger, you have to be tactful, you have to talk to the editor, you have to explain your value to him. Both free and paid guest posts are good if you can get links from good websites

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