Format of Press Release Writing

What is the format of Press release writing? How to write a press release?

If you want to know the format of Press release writing & write a press release and you are looking for a proper guide then you are in the right place. Does this article explain how you can write a press release?

The headline of the press release

The headline is the most significant feature of knowing how to write a press release. It is the thing that will get a journalist’s consideration and persuade them that you have a story worth telling. In spirit, it should be your entire story purified into fewer than ten words.

Should the press release title be capitalized (Format of Press release writing)?

Yes, the title of the press release should be Capitalized. Press release writers should also be alert that headlines and sub-headlines should be in title case in AP style. This means that (almost) every word in the headline or subheadline is capitalized. Otherwise, you should only capitalize proper nouns. It helps grabs the reader`s attention. The capitalized words show the importance of the news.

The body of the press release

The lead, or first sentence, should interest the reader and say concisely what the research study found. The next 1-2 sentences should then expand upon the lead, thereby filling in some details. The press release body copy should be compact. You should avoid using long sentences and paragraphs. Avoid repetition and use of technical language and jargon. Strive for simplicity with no wasted words.

Should press releases to be double spaced?

Keep the body of the press release short and to the point. The length of a press release should be limited to ~ 500 words of the single-spaced text of 10–12-point font. If sending a hard copy, the text should be double-spaced. The more newsworthy the press release copy, the better the chances of it being selected by media for wider dissemination.

Can a press release be two pages?

Yes, a press release can be two pages but it should not exceed two pages. The press release should fit on two pages, and the first should begin about one-third the way down, to leave room for newspaper editors’ notes. A good rule of thumb is to keep your release no more than one page long and preferably somewhere between 300 and 500 words. This is a simply digested amount of content for a journalist to scan through rapidly while still getting all the relevant information.

Should a press release be short and brief (Format of Press release writing)?

The perfect length of a press release is about an A4 side or about 300 to 400 words (the length of a short news item). That’s just three or four short paragraphs and a couple of quotes. If yours is lengthier than that, you’ve probably got a pointless waffle that doesn’t enhance anything to your story.

Can press release be plural (Format of Press release writing)?

Yes, a press release can be plural and is written in the third person. In the press release, You are writing from the point of view of the client or organization, and you are not writing to your marked audience straight. Therefore, all press releases should be written in the third person.

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