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Make a universal SEO strategy for your website.

Are you looking for a universal SEO strategy for your website? If you want to reach out to the whole world with your website, you better start optimizing your website for that very own thing. International reach requires many different things and it is time for you to get to work. Let’s see what you should do in a short series of steps.   Know the market for Universal SEO You probably know your market already and it’s probably defined by non-SEO factors. It is really important to understand what are the current markets that might present a strong potential

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Dall-E 2: Perfect SEO Images

Dall-E is here for your image needs! We all know the importance of images for SEO. But at the same time, we all recognize how hard it is to find quality images for your articles… especially ones that are royalty-free. Quality images can make a difference in captivating the attention of the users of the Internet, and more clicks, means more traffic and eventually, more sales. Optimizing your images is a good SEO practice, as it transmits the message better and makes you have a stronger presence on Google images. When search engines read the text associated in your images

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SEO and Speed

SEO and Speed… A needed combination?

SEO and speed have been quite a while two words that have remained together in this industry for quite a while. Core Web Vitals has been one of the most used benchmarks when it comes to checking the performance and health of a website. With this tool, Google hinted that speed was a key factor involved in rank performance. At the same time, there have been people who have been saying that this is not important. However, these are the same people that have been saying for quite a while that crawl budget is irrelevant… and that’s where things need

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Spam de busqueda interna

Spam de búsqueda interna… ¿Qué es eso?

El Spam de búsqueda interna es un nuevo tipo de ataque que está afectando a muchos sitios de WordPress en la actualidad. Este tipo de ataque afecta la funcionalidad de búsqueda interna de los sitios web. Desde un punto de vista SEO estos ataques no suelen ser problemáticos y los dueños de sitios web no tendrán que preocuparse por ello. Si todo esto es así… ¿Por qué tanto bullicio con esto?   El SEO negativo y el spam de búsqueda interna Lo cierto es que por ya bastante tiempo muchos expertos de la industria se encuentran divididos en cuento a

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API Google URL Inspection: how to use it?

Last January 31, Google finally allowed API access to its real-time URL indexing data. That is, the same information provided by the URL inspection tool, included in the Search Console interface in June 2018, but instead of being forced to consult this data manually and one url at a time, now it’s possible to do that automatically and en masse, within the limits of use stipulated by Google.   URL Inspection API Limits It is limited to 2000 requests per day per property (one url, one request), and with a maximum “speed” of 600 requests per minute.   Data provided.

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