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Linkingpress services for ecommerce and SMEs

Allow them to get a prominent and relevant presence in online media and blogs of their niche so that their audience get to know their products and services. Our services also boost their SEO, so that they can be found easily through internet search engines.
Linkingpress services for ecommerce and SMEs include direct purchasing of guest posts in online newspapers and high quality blogs, press releases distribution with guaranteed results, even among radios*, and other SEO, marketing and communication activities.
In sum, Linkingpress services for ecommerce and SMEs help to sell more and better to ecommerce and SMEs by increasing knowledge among their target audience.

Growing competition

Ecommerce will continue to grow in the coming years at a double digit rate. More and more companies will Offer their products through online stores, while those that have been selling through the internet for some time will improve their online marketing processes, which includes SEO and digital communication.
SMEs must take Maximum care of all their investments. They cannot afford to put money that does not bring a return to their business, be it in sales, increase in average ticket, visibility or reputation. Many have to bet on making themselves known through the Internet, even if the sale of their products or the contracting of their services cannot be done through the Internet.

SEO helps you sell more and better in your ecommerce

Ecommerce companies know the enormous importance for their business of appearing in the first results of internet searches. The difference between being on the first page of Google or not appearing at all can lead to success or failure.:
Hence, they dedicate a lot of resources to managing their advertising budget, optimizing their own website and getting backlinks for their ecommerce.
Getting a link to an ecommerce can not only lead to customers at the time the publication is made, but also helps search engines give that site greater value and place it among the first results when people search for information related to its activity, its products and services.
The generation of backlinks is a strategic task that also requires investments in time and money.
Therefore, being able to do it little by little and with moderate investments is an excellent way to measure the results and make the adjustments that are required..

Reputation, more important than ever

Both ecommerce and SMEs know that appearing in digital media and blogs allows them to impact their target audience, in addition to appearing on these sites gives them an added credibility that enhances their reputation. Not forgetting the positive effect on the appearance of your web pages in internet search engines.
Consumers are clearly betting on companies they know. Therefore, faced with the dilemma of choosing between an abundant supply of products and services with similar prices, they will buy or hire those that sound familiar to them and, among these, they will trust those with the best reputation.
It is known that building a good reputation is a winding process and that it requires first to be known, to do things well and then to be recognized and respected.
While there are no shortcuts, appearances in the media and on niche blogs help to achieve the goal of a good reputation.
This is largely due to the fact that they are independent third parties that provide their own credibility to inform and convince others about the benefits and advantages of some companies or ecommerce over others.
Finally, it should be noted that ecommerce and SME audiences can be in different markets.
Thanks to the internet providing access to a digital and interconnected world, products and services can now be offered to a huge global audience located anywhere in the world

Linkingpress services for ecommerce and SMEs

Linkingpress services for ecommerce and SMEs are focused on responding to your needs in all the aspects indicated above:
  • Direct purchasing of guest posts in online media and blogs. To be in quality online media and blogs to disseminate content in a natural and relevant way among thousands or even millions of people in various markets.
  • Purchase of backlinks to boost the SEO of the ecommerce website and SMEs. In the articles contracted in online media and blogs, links to the ecommerce and SME websites are included that help boost their SEO so that people find them through internet search engines just at the moment they have a specific demand
  • Drafting and distribution of press releases with guaranteed results. It is about reaching a wide number of online media and blogs, which helps to disseminate any message in a reliable and relevant way through third parties that will in turn disseminate the ecommerce and SME messages to a specific audience. You can even hire radio interviews*.
  • Other marketing services. From Linkingpress we help ecommerce and SMEs with marketing services such as community management, search engine advertising, social networks and online media, among others..
The advantages of purchasing Linkingpress services for ecommerce and SMEs are
  • From individual to large projects. Our clients can purchase a small, one day project to a large set of actions that can be extended over time.
  • For all budgets. Our services start at prices as low as € 5 ** so that anyone can take advantage of all its advantages.

How to purchase Linkingpress services for ecommerce and SMEs

Linkingpress services for ecommerce and SMEs are purchased directly on the platform, thus eliminating intermediaries and having total certainty that a given result will be obtained.
There are no surprises – what you pay is what you get.
In addition, we offer a money back guarantee if a guest post project cannot be carried out. It is a unique guarantee on

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