Are press releases free?

Are press releases free? Where can I find press releases? How to do a press release distribution?

A press release is an official statement delivered to members of the news media to provide information, an official statement, or make an announcement. If you read news online or read your local newspaper, you must be thinking that are press releases free and how can you find press releases?

Are press releases free?

Above all, you might wonder if it is free? Well, it depends on the Press release distribution website. There are free press release distribution sites available, and there are also ones that charge a fee to get your press release published on many websites in your commerce. Some sites offer free press release submission to search engines and RSS feeds. They also suggest a free press room where you can hold all of your company’s press releases. Journalists can follow you to obtain your latest press releases. Free press release formats include written and video press releases.

Where can you find the press release?

In the past, you would have to submit the press release by hand but lucky for you now many press release websites are operating where you can find a press release or submit your press release.
Some of the famous press release websites are:

  • PR Newswire (multimedia press releases, investor relations and disclosure, and company news)
  • PRWeb (It is a service of Vocus, a leading provider of cloud-based PR software)
  • (It is a directory of businesses, products and services, a press release delivery service, job search website, and online magazine articles, reviews, and celebrity interviews)
  • (Press release and google news)
  • Issue wire (it is a media service and website to marketing and public relations professionals)
  • Web wire (it distributes business, organizational, and personal news and press releases on and over the Internet)
  • PRunderground (press release distribution, provides online exposure and marketing plan)
  • Emailwire press releases (RSS news feeds, e-mail, fax, FTP uploads, and press releases to the target audience)
  • PRLog (it offers a free Press release distribution service for all businesses)
  • CAN Newswire (press release distribution in Asia and worldwide)
  • Linkingpress.

What is press release distribution?

press release distribution is the process of distributing your press release to members of the press and journalists or reporters. The goal of PR distribution is to target, monitor. The marketing solutions can help you connect and engage with larger audiences across the globe.

How can you do press release distribution?

Following is the method by which you can do press release distribution;

  • You can Send Your Press Release to popular Influencers & Bloggers
  • Your press release should always Include Images or Video
  • Mark Outlets That Reach Your Audience
  • Use a press release distribution Service to Write Your Press Release
  • Send Your Press Release to well-known Journalists, you should not send it to Not News studio
  • utilize digital Tools to complete Your Media List
  • Ask for Missing Contact Information

Some of the leading press release distribution services are given below;

  • Linking News
  • Newswire
  • EIN Presswire
  • E-releases
  • NewswireJet
  • 24-7 Press Release


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  1. Kellie T. Starnes

    There are free press discharge distribution sites accessible, and there are additionally ones that charge a fee to get your press discharge published on different websites in your industry.

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